Ventura Nanolux intro kit (4x4g)


Ventura nanolux. Nano-hybrid composite. The universal light-curing nano-hybrid composite that creates excellent, high-quality anterior and posterior restorations.

It is a modern hybrid composite modified with nano ceramic particles. Due this, it has excellent handling properties and guarantees an aesthetic, save and long lasting restorations thanks to the low water solubility, high colour stability and excellent polishing and sheen. Fluoride content.

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  • Filler content 81%, particles from 0.05 to 0.9 microns.
  • Very low water solubility and a great color stability.
  • Fluoride release.
  • Excellent polishing.
  • Natural fluorescence.
  • Great handling.
  • Easy to use in posterior and anterior restorations.
  • Good fracture toughness, strength and wear resistance.
  • Easy to adapt to cavity.
  • Radiopaque.


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